Split Jaw New Products December 2023

Split Jaw Products New Bridges & Auto Reversing Unit. 

     First up is the single track Double Through Arch Bridge. The bridge is approximately six feet long and features a parabolic double arch making it idea for long spans. Included with the bridge are the walkways and railings which gives it a nice finished look. The bridge is also available in a double track version and you can even bolt several together end to end as seen below. The single track version of this  bridge is currently priced at $1,195.00.

(Please note the above photo is of two bridges joined end to end)

More info for this bridge HERE.


   Next on the list is the Deck Girder Bridge. This bridge is a plate girder design measuring about 4 feet in length. There should be no worries about strength as this bridge is built out of aircraft grade Aluminum. The bridge will support a single track from underneath which allows almost everything to be able to pass over it without the worry of it snagging a guard rail. Current price set for this bridge is $399.00.

More info for this bridge HERE.


     Last but not least is the brand new Split Jaw Next Generation auto shuttle/reversing unit. I say brand new as this is not the original unit made by split jaw years ago but a newly designed from the ground up unit. The reversing unit can handle up to 5 amps and is self adjusting allowing your locomotive or trolley to realistically slowdown and creep to a stop. The unit also has the ability to sense the ends of the track using a pair of Split Jaw insulating rail clamps with easy to install diodes all of which are included. There is also an optional weather-resistant enclosure for outdoor use. The reversing unit is currently priced at $199.00.

You can get more info on the new reversing unit and see a video demonstration of it HERE.


Check out Split Jaw Products main site to find all the quality products they make HERE.

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