Susquehanna Valley Garden Railway Society Displays, Tips/Tricks & SO MUCH MORE!

     We hope everyone is ready for another amazing Large Scale Live! Our guests on this live stream are no strangers to large scale as both have been members of the Susquehanna Valley Garden Railway Society since the mid 90s. Turk Russell (Club President) and Rob Segessenman (Club Secretary) have a wealth of knowledge they are eager to share with everyone.

     So, what might we be covering on this live stream you ask? We’ll of course get to hear some of the history behind Turk and Rob. The various displays they’ve built over the years, important tips/tricks they’ve found, manufacturing issues to watch out for and so much, much, much, more! I mean really, I can’t list all the stuff they want to talk about but let me tell you, it’s all stuff you’re going to find very useful/helpful in your large-scale endeavors!

      We will of course have info on upcoming g scale events, product announcements/updates and other general G scale related news! We’ll also be doing another giveaway(Giveaway Contest Rules) to give back to our fans but you’ll need to tune in to find out what it is though. As always we look forward to interacting with everyone during the live stream in the chat and we know you’ll enjoy the show!

     A brief recap of we are going to see and discuss in this episode:

          Turk & Rob, who they are and how they got started in the hobby.

          Various displays the Susquehanna Valley Garden Railway Society has constructed

          Tips & Tricks to help you in your large scale adventures (and SO, MUCH, MORE!)

          Upcoming Events

          Product Announcements/updates

Check out the Susquehanna Valley Garden Railway Society website HERE!