Reale Railroad Shop Protective Cases For RailPro™, AirWire™ & Revolution™ RC Transmitters

     The Reale Railroad Shop is now offering cases with lanyards custom made to fit RailPro™ (HC-2 Controller only currently, HC-3 in development) , Airwire™ and Revolution™ transmitters. If you’ve ever worried about dropping your transmitter or have and needed to repair it you’ll definitely appreciate this product! 


     Below you can see the four cases currently being offered and just how well they fit!

RailPro Case (HC-2 Handheld) $30.00

Airwire Case (T5000) $25.00

Airwire Case (T6000) $25.00

Revolution Case $25.00

For more info or to order just visit RealeRailroadShop.com

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