New “Alco Diesel” Sound File For Revolution Onboard Receivers

New “Alco Diesel” Sound File For The Revolution RC System

(Photo & Video Provided Courtesy of Paul Carr. Check out his YouTube Channel HERE)

     Precision RC makers of the Revolution Radio Control System have released a new “Alco Diesel” sound file for their onboard radio receivers. The file is available to freely download from their website HERE although you will need to create a free account and login to do so.

Below you can hear a sample of the new sound downloaded to and onboard Revolution board in an Aristo Alco FA1.

     To note you will require a windows PC and the Revolution USB Device Programmer HERE to be able to upgrade your existing Revolution board with this sound. Please be sure to follow the instructions provided by Precision RC when upgrading your boards and take special care to make sure if it’s an original Crest Revolution board which requires an additional patch file.

     The below video is an older one I did that shows some but not all of the other sound files currently available for Revolution (Not shown but available are: GP9, SD60, Small Steam Locomotive 0-4-0 #60 and Medium Steam Locomotive #90).

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