Large Scale Live Will Be Back!

 Anyone that tuned into Dakman Productions 10,000 subscriber special on Aug 10, 2022 already knows the news. Those of you that didn’t Shawn announced he will be stepping down from co-hosting “Large Scale Consolidated Live” with me. I just want to make sure everyone knows that the show isn’t ending.

     The show will be back next month with a few changes. The major change of course is a new co-host. I offered the spot as my co-host to Nico Corbo of 4 Track RR and to my delight he accepted it without hesitation. Nico and I have been talking over the past month bouncing ideas around to make sure this upcoming season is even better than the last one. Nico definitely has a lot to offer/add to the show!

     The next change has to do with the day and time we do the live stream. I conducted a couple polls to see what day people would prefer (Saturday or Sunday) and each poll went the opposite of each other. When I added the two polls together though it was clear that Sunday was the most favored. The time we start the live strean will now be 7pm eastern.

I’d also like to mention with Shawn departing we’ll also be doing something many have asked for. The MrPictovid YouTube channel will now be the full time home of the live stream rather than it alternating between channels from show to show.

     The last change which is a minor one will be the name of the show. We’ll be dropping “Consolidated” from it and moving forward the show will be “Large Scale Live”. I’ve found over the first two seasons that a lot of people would get mixed up on the name. “Large Scale Consolidated”, “Consolidated Large Scale” and “Live Consolidated Large Scale” are the most common mix ups I heard. It made hard for people to find the show when told about from someone else that had the name mixed up. So, just making the name “Large Scale Live” should simplify and resolve that issue.

Lastly I want to say thank you and congratulations to Shawn. Thank you for (relentlessly) pushing me to do the live stream with him as I had no desire to do it at the time. I’m very glad now that he didn’t let up on it as it’s nice to see people enjoying and learning from the show.

Congratulations of course on achieving his goal of reaching 10,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He definitely put in the hard work to build his channel into what it is today.

     So, stay tuned as “Large Scale Live” will return Sunday September 25th at 7pm eastern!


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Creators of Large Scale Consolidated Live Shawn Conahey & Andrew Fitch on a layout tour together.
Andrew Fitch and his New Co-Host of Large Scale Live Nico Corbo at the 2022 RLD Hobbies fall open house.