Decal Design, Printing and Application with Guest Charlie Zimmerman on Large Scale Consolidated Live

     Welcome back everyone for another amazing live stream! Our guest this time should be someone many recognize if you watched our show on weathering last season (Link to that show below). That’s right, Charlie Zimmerman has returned and this time he is going to cover designing, printing and applying decals. Having been in model railroading since 1982 Charlie has done many custom locomotives and cars which we will see throughout the show but more importantly he’ll be taking us step by step through the decal process. If you are unsure about applying decals (Or already know how and want to learn new techniques) this will be the show for you. By the end of the show you should have the knowledge and confidence to work with decals yourself. Charlie also has his own garden railroad, the Smoke & Oak Railroad of which you can see many videos of on his YouTube channel “Garden RR”.
     So, what are some of the things we are going to see and discuss in this episode?
How to properly design decals. Printing your own decals. Applying decals and how to seal them.
     Below you will find links to to Charlies various online presences
          Weathered Models group on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/weathered-models/
          Garden RR YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/gardenrr
          Live Steam and Outdoor RR magazine: http://www.livesteam.net/
          Smoke and Oak RR: http://smokeandoakrr.com/