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Bachmann Large Scale Dash 9 Using PWC/PWM Versus Linear Power

I had planned to update on installing revolution in the new Bachmann Large Scale Dash 9 but in the process of checking it out I noticed a strange issue. I noticed when running it on standard track power that the directional headlights were not working as they should. After doing some research and talking to Stan Ames (Thank you Stan!) the issue was found to be PWM or Pulse Width Modulation. You may have heard this referred to as PWC or Pulse Width Control by Aristo-Craft and/or Crest. It seems that if you are using a power source that does not put out linear power it causes the electronics for the directional lighting to not behave as it should. I did testing using an older Bachman Spectrum linear transformer, Aristo-Craft PWC Transformer, PWC Motor Controller from Amazon and two different generations of the Revolution Trackside Base Station. I found that everything but the Bachmann Spectrum linear transformer caused issues with the headlights but you can get a PWM to linear adapter to put between your transformer and the track to correct this issue. I do want to point out this issue isn’t something new or specific to the Dash 9. Other manufactures have had issues with PWC/PWM over the years as well. This is an issue that a lot of people won’t see but for the ones that do I hope this info helps them as there is a solution to it.