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Upcoming 2024 ECLSTS w/ Don & Sarah Hale of Star Hobby, LED Wiring Basics & More!

     Welcome back everyone, we hope you’re ready for another new Large Scale Live stream! Our guests on this stream should be known to many of you. Don and Sarah Hale from Star Hobby are once again our guests! They will be telling us about the upcoming 2024 East Coast Large Scale Train Show, what we can expect when attending this year’s show and taking a look back at some of the highlights from past East Coast Large Scale Train Shows. Also on this show we’ll also be talking about LEDs, sort of a “LED 101” on getting started with LEDs and how to wire them.

     We will of course have info on upcoming g scale events, product announcements/updates and other general G scale related news! We’ll also be doing another giveaway (Giveaway Contest Rules) to give back to our fans but you’ll need to tune in to find out what it is though. As always we look forward to interacting with everyone during the live stream in the chat and we know you’ll enjoy the show!

A brief recap of what we are going to see and discuss in this episode:

Upcoming 2024 ECLSTS & Past Highlights

LED 101, The Basics On Getting Started With LEDs & Wiring Them

Upcoming Events

Product Announcements/updates