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Upcoming NEO Large Scale Show & Spring Equipment/Layout Maintenance on Large Scale Consolidated Live

All right everyone, we’re back with another great live stream for everyone! We will be having Mike Zador joining us again from the Riverside Railroad Club and we’ll be talking about several different things. The first thing on our list will be to give everyone an update on what to expect at the upcoming Northeast Ohio Large Scale Trains Show being held June 25 and 26th from 10am to 4pm in Warren Ohio (See link below). This is shaping up to be a nice show and we want to tell everyone about it! Mike will also be sharing with us his checklist he goes through each spring when preparing to run his equipment on his layout for the first time. Maintenance is a very important thing and Mike is going to make sure you get started off on the right foot. We’ll also be showing you some 3d printers’ items that can be downloaded for free and printed at home to enhance some of your equipment. We will also be doing a giveaway for one of these 3d printed items during the show! So, what are some of the things we are going to see and discuss in this episode? NEOLSTS details on the upcoming show and what to expect Prepping your layout and equipment for the first run of the year Free to download items you can 3d print at home to enhance some of your equipment Link to the Riverside Railroad Clubs site where you can find more info on the club and the upcoming Northeast Ohio Large Scale Train Show: Link to Riverside Railroad Club Facebook Page: